Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From the 7/21 Meet the Author Event

For those of you who weren't able to make it to my Meet the Author event on Dreamspinner Press's Facebook page last weekend, I'm posting the subjects here so you can take a look.  I couldn't very well repost all the resulting conversation, but I will say it was a great event.  I got to talk with a fellow ferret owner, several fellow chocolate lovers, chat a bit about all-male Shakespeare performances, discover some gorgeous guys, and more.

Also, you can catch me at the following events this week:
7/25 - Is Abuse Romantic? - abuse awareness month post on Chicks & Dicks
7/27 - Nude Models - guest post on Pants Off Reviews 1-Year Blogoversary - with ebook giveaway
7/31 - Art School - guest post on Long and Short Reviews

Meet the Author - Ana Bosch - July 21, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pardon me while I do my happy dance

Art of Death is currently the #1 paperback on Dreamspinner Press's site.

Crazy?  Yeah.

Also, all books are 25% off on Dreamspinner Press's site until the end of July, so now would be a great time to catch up on your shopping!

On a side note, there's an ice cream truck driving around outside.  It feels like 20 years ago. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happiness is Paperbacks

First off, Art of Death is currently the #3 paperback on Dreamspinner Press's website.  That kind of boggles my mind, especially since the ebook is nowhere near as high in the respective rankings.  I have no complaints, but I have to wonder what's driving the paperback sales when paperbacks are so much more expensive than ebooks.  A friend told me it might be because of the cover art.  If that's the case, I should give that "Shobana Appavu" chick a pat on the back. ;)  Better yet, I think I'll buy her dinner tomorrow.  Actually, I'll go ahead and buy her the vast majority of her dinners for the rest of her life, and pay all her bills.  I like that Shobana person.  She's quality.

:ahem:  My own five author copies arrived in the mail a couple days ago.  I was a little bummed that the corners of all five copies were badly creased in shipping, so I bought a couple more on Amazon just so I'd have a flawless copy to keep.  Oh well, this just means I can do more giveaways, and I can make up for the creased corners by adding some pretty drawings inside.

I think this is my version of when people photograph sports cars with bikini-clad models posed on the hoods.  That's Ebo, currently a little crabby and wondering why I woke him up for no good reason.  It was actually a very risky photo shoot because one of Ebo's biggest hobbies is eating books.  Almost all of my favorite books have Ebo-sized bites taken out of the covers.

The cover printed a bit on the magenta side, but overall I'm pleased with the outcome, and it's kind of surreal seeing my fingerprints all over Riley's face.  Also surreal is seeing the names of my characters printed on actual paper.

And finally in paperbacks, over 800 people are now requesting the Goodreads paperback giveaway for Art of Death.  A lot of the askers don't seem to be m/m readers, so in a way I feel like I'm trading a future 1-star review for a bit of increased visibility, but that's fine by me.  I think part of the journey of publishing your first book is wading through the sea of readers with their own specific tastes and trying to find the ones who match up with what you want to say.  I like to push boundaries and write on the fringe of the genre, so I expect a little trial and error.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet the Author on Facebook - The After-Party

I just wrapped up an amazing chat on Dreamspinner Press's Facebook page to celebrate the release of Art of Death!  I'd promised to share a preview of the sequel, Bonds of Death, which is due out in October, but due to timing and the desire to not spoil the story for anyone, I decided to post it here.

Sequel Preview: Bonds of Death
What's better than a book about nude modeling and the undead?  TWO books about nude modeling and the undead!  Bonds of Death, the sequel to Art of Death is scheduled for an October release.  As we learned in Art of Death, the undead grow stronger when they take on human worshippers.  Since each undead has a weakness that could potentially kill them for good, sometimes a human worshipper is the only thing that can help them resist an attack targeting their weakness.  So what happens when the headstrong Riley is asked to worship his undead lover in order to save his life?

(beware: Art of Death spoilers ahead)

Friday, July 20, 2012

“Meet the Author” on Facebook - Tomorrow’s Schedule

Don't forget to join me for a chat at Dreamspinner Press's Facebook page tomorrow, July 21, from 1pm-6pm ET, in celebration of my new release, Art of Death. There will be conversation, ebook giveaways, excerpts, m/m-themed sketch requests, and more!
RSVP here, or just show up tomorrow!
Don't have five hours to spare? It's all good. Drop in for a few minutes and say hi, or throw your name into the giveaway drawing!
Tentative schedule:
1:00 - Introductions: About me, about Art of Death, and about you
1:30 - Sketch requests/Ask Anything thread. Request an m/m themed sketch in honor of the "art" theme behind Art of Death, or ask any question you have on your mind.
2:30 - GIVEAWAY: comment to enter. "Guilty Pleasures."
3:30 - Books from your childhood/your first favorite books
4:00 - Chat with the boys of Art of Death. Ask them whatever you want!
4:30 - GIVEAWAY: comment to enter. "Places to Visit" - favorite real and fictional locations
5:00 - Sequel Preview: Bonds of Death (with excerpt)
5:30 - Sketch requests revealed, Giveaway winner revealed, upcoming events

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet me this Saturday! Also, giveaways!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Art of Death by Ana Bosch

Art of Death

by Ana Bosch

Giveaway ends July 25, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

That's right, I'm giving away a signed paperback copy of Art of Death! You know you want to enter! :)

Also, this Saturday from 1pm to 6pm ET, I'll be chatting on Dreamspinner Press's Facebook page. Drop in and stay as long as you'd like. There will be an ebook giveaway, some interesting conversation, excerpts of Art of Death AND the upcoming sequel, and in honor of the "art" theme of the book, I'll be taking sketch requests and posting them at the end of the event. Please come and say hi; I really look forward to meeting all of you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Week's Promo Events

Sorry I'm a little late announcing this on the blog! Here's what's going on for this week:

Spotlight post on Mantastic Fiction, 7/10. Comment on the post before Thursday night for a chance to with the ebook of Art of Death.

Author interview on Long and Short Reviews, 7/11.

Guest post on Cup o Porn (to be added Thursday 7/12)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art of Death Has Been Released!

Despite the support of his rich older boyfriend, starving artist Riley Burke is determined not to be a trophy—hence his second job as a nude model at the local art school. It’s important to him that he pay his own way, so when the artist Coliaro requests a private modeling session with him, he jumps at the chance to earn some real cash.

Then he hears the rumors—that Coliaro is undead. That his worshippers perform rituals to fill him with life energy. That every time he paints a male nude, the painting transforms to depict a gruesome murder. And that shortly after, a young man turns up dead.

The source of these rumors is a man named Westwood, who claims to be an instructor at the school and warns Riley not to get involved. Riley ignores the advice—but when the rumors pan out and another murder looms, he turns to Westwood for help. Westwood is clearly keeping secrets. He’s dangerous, and Riley doesn’t know if he can be trusted—which makes him all the more attractive. Riley is in way over his head… and his involvement with the undead may make him the ultimate target.

This story is intended for an 18+ audience!

(You can also find Art of Death through other retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon)

The first 20 people to purchase a paperback copy of Art of Death through the Dreamspinner Press website will get a signed copy with an original sketch. Check out this post for details.

I hope you enjoy the novel, and I'd love to hear your thoughts! I truly appreciate every reader I may have. Also, if you enjoy it, please consider helping to spread the word by leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Word of mouth is a great thing! :)