Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Signed/Sketched Copies of Art of Death!

We're now less than a week away from the release of Art of Death!  Those of you who have bought from Dreamspinner Press before might already know that the first twenty customers to buy a paperback through their site can often get a signed copy.  Well, I should have probably warned the Dreamspinner folk that if they put a piece of vellum in front of me, I'm going to draw on it. ;)

I just finished up with 20 signed original ink sketches, and they're on their way back to Florida to be inserted into the paperbacks.  So that means that the first twenty people to buy a paperback copy of Art of Death through the Dreamspinner Press website will get a signed copy WITH an original sketch!

The sketches will be given out at random, so unfortunately there's no way to request a specific sketch.  But I hope the twenty of you will enjoy what you get!  FYI, here are the sketches:

1. A ferret
2. An angry cockatoo
3. Porter #1 (Art of Death)
4. Pogo #1 (DOTU)
5. Riley (Art of Death)
6. Westwood (Art of Death)
7. Samsid (DOTU)
8. Pogo #2 (DOTU)
9. Ebo the cockatiel
10. A dandelion puff (an homage to Porter)
11. A dumb fat bird
12. A dumb kiwi
13. A weird turtle with a birthday hat
14. A snowman with a pitchfork
15. Porter #2
16. Random profile of guy with swooshy hair
17. A cockatiel in a tree
18. A sheep standing on a wedge of cheese
19. A sheep getting yelled at by a bird
20. A linseed oil bottle with a red liquid inside, and a paintbrush

Here's another photo:

Because I seem to have identity issues, the images are each signed "Ana Bosch," but they also include my initials and "Bob," which is how I sign all my artwork.  Each piece of vellum has also been imbued with magical powers via the oil from my fingers, after which the sheets were rubbed all over my chest.  (Okay, that last part didn't actually happen.)

The signed copies will be available starting July 2 here on the Dreamspinner Press site.


  1. These sketches look awesome! That's really cool of you to do these. Hopefully I can snag a copy with one of these in it. There's a couple sketches I'm rooting for, but I'd be happy with whatever!

    1. Yay! :) I hope you like whichever one you end up with!