Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Countdown to the Art of Death Cover Reveal! #2

Holy crap, with the way my workload has been for the past few weeks, I can't believe I'm still alive! :cue melodramatic music:  But I am, so here's another preview of the Art of Death cover!

Yesterday we saw the finished image of Riley's lovely face for the first time.  Today, I'll share a little "behind the scenes" look at painting his face.  I paint in three basic steps - sketch, underpainting, and final painting.  The sketch is pretty self explanatory (although I have to admit it's a little sloppier than usual, since I didn't have to send in a clean and pretty draft for approval this time).  Underpainting is the translucent color, lighting, and shadow I lay in so I can still see the sketch, and the final painting is all the detail work.

There are a lot of painters in Art of Death, and a few scenes that describe the process of oil painting.  I haven't done an oil painting in years, but this story makes me want to grab some oils and play around again - if only I had the time and money!

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  1. I love progress shots. And I love his face. Absolutely beautiful!