Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bonds of Death has been released!

You can now purchase Bonds of Death through Dreamspinner Press's site!  It's available in ebook and paperback.

Since I'm an author attending GayRomLit this weekend, the ebook is 25% off until 10/21.  (The ebook for Art of Death is also 25% off!)

The first 20 copies of the paperback sold through Dreamspinner's site have signed sketches inside!

Buy it in ebook
Buy it in paperback

3rd party listings (Amazon, etc.) will probably be up later tomorrow.  When I get a chance, I'll make an announcement.

Fresh out of a messy breakup, starving artist Riley Burke has found happiness with Westwood, his new undead lover—enough happiness that when his friend Porter warns him that the undead only see humans as flashy playthings, Riley looks the other way. After all, he only wants a bit of fun. It's not like he's asking Westwood to put a ring on his finger.

Once a brutal and violent criminal, Westwood now atones for his past by punishing the undead for crimes against humans. But his job doesn't make him popular with his undead brethren—and someone has a thirst for revenge.

That someone has uncovered Westwood’s weakness and is on the hunt. To withstand an attack, Westwood must bolster his strength by taking on a human worshipper. He turns to Riley, but Riley is terrified of the bond Westwood's ritual will create. He would rather risk his life pursuing Westwood's attacker than risk opening his soul to a man who doesn't respect him. But time is running out, and if Riley and Westwood can't come together, one of them might pay the ultimate price.

I'll try to put up a more thorough and informative post later in the weekend.  Right now, I'm at GayRomLit in New Mexico, and having a great time!  I've been getting reacquainted with several authors I met at the Dreamspinner weekend in March, as well as authors I've known online but never met before.  At my current level of tiredness (and lack of sobriety), I don't yet want to attempt to list all the awesome people I've talked to, but I will definitely be mentioning many of them in the near future.  I caught my first glimpse of the paperback of Bonds of Death in the swag room yesterday, and I was really happy with the way the cover printed.  It looks great!

And hey, if you're also attending GayRomLit, come say hi to me!  I'm the one with the name tag that says Ana Bosch. ;)  And you can pick up my books in the swag room at Dreamspinner's table for only $15.

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