Thursday, October 4, 2012

Signed/Sketched Copies of Bonds of Death!

The release of Bonds of Death is just about two weeks away, and I just finished signing my vellums to be inserted in the first 20 paperback copies sold through Dreamspinner Press's site!  And just like I did with the first 20 copies of Art of Death, I did 20 new sketches along with my signature for Bonds of Death.

The vellums got to me earlier this time, so I was able to put a little more time into the sketches as well.  I worked on them all through the presidential debate, but don't worry, there are no Obama or Romney portraits on the vellums. ;)  This time I did all characters and items from Bonds of Death.  So here they are!

1. Riley Burke
2. Westwood
3. Porter Gomez
4. Arman
5. Quinn Harcourt
6. Charlotte
7. Rico
8. Chester
9. Lucy
10. Jasmine
11. Riley Burke 2
12. Porter Gomez 2
13. Westwood 2
14. Arman 2
15. Quinn Harcourt 2
16. Thackary Jones
17. Red Wine
18. Westwood 3
19. Riley Burke 3
20. Porter Gomez 3

Riley, Westwood, Porter, and Quinn of course were all in Art of Death, and Thackary was mentioned, but the rest are making their first appearances.  Charlotte happens to be the central character in my very favorite scene of Bonds of Death—which is actually probably my favorite scene out of any I've ever written.  And I love Rico.  Arman didn't come out exactly as I imagined him....  Sometime I'll have to do a full painted portrait of him.

Anyway, I'm really excited about being able to have these sketches in the first 20 paperbacks.  They'll be available through the Dreamspinner Press site starting on October 19!

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