Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lucky - Christmas Novella

I have a whole lot to catch up on, including my adventures at GRL and random stuff about the Undead Series, but for now, have a cover and a blurb about my upcoming Christmas novella!

Lucky   $3.99
By Ana Bosch
Ever since Martel Heller rolled his first dreadlock, his love life has been blessed. For seven years he’s had the luxury of cherry-picking the hottest men available. But when the dress code at his new job forces him to hack off his lucky locks, his good fortune comes to an end.

To make matters worse, if Martel shows up at the company Christmas party alone, his creepy coworker Phil will know he’s single. As a last resort, Martel enlists his best friend, Felix, a fashion photographer, to hook him up with a model. Then plans fall through, and Martel ends up stuck at the Christmas party with the last person he expects—but as the hours pass, he wonders if he's finally learned what it means to be lucky.

This story is part of the "Evergreen" Advent Calendar Anthology, and it will also be available for individual purchase starting December 1.

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